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Bonus Episode: A Look Back on Season 2

In this bonus episode, the Season 2 producers of What’s the Tsismis connect to look back on the second season.

Did You Hear She Gave Her Tuition Money to Her Boyfriend?

In this week’s episode, our host, Ryan Lacanilao, talks to Calvin Barroma and Arianne Barroma about the good and bad of sending money to relatives in the Philippines: motivations, what can go wrong, and how it affects relationships.

Did You Hear Miss Universe Got Redtagged?

In today’s episode, host Rajah Maggay dives into the context of activism as a Filipinx individual with her friend and activist D, and the landscape within the Philippines and how it affects us here.

Did You Hear About Her Community Work?

In today’s episode, our host, Micah Leonida, is spilling the tsismis on what it’s like to build communities and create brave spaces in Edmonton with this week’s guest, Ida Beltran-Lucila.

Did you Hear There’s Nothing Filipino About Her?

In today’s episode, our host, Julia Juco, dives into migration and how it impacts personal worldviews.

Did You Hear She Lent Them Her Vacation Money?

Psst...Did you hear Giselle lent her relatives her vacation money? How much did she lend to them, and did she end up getting her money back? What's utang na loob, and what role does it play when it comes to money? Listen to find out!

Did You Hear She Gave Her Brother the Sex Talk?

In today’s episode, our host, Mishma Mukith, is on a mission to learn about what makes sibling relationships unique.

Did You Hear Season 2 Launches December 7?

Launching December 7, a brand new season of What's the Tsismis, a podcast about Pilipinx identity in Edmonton.

Fundrive Episode: Meet the New Season 2 Team

Check out this bonus Fundrive episode and meet the three new reporters that will be joining us for Season 2.

Did You Hear There Might be a Season 2?

In this bonus episode, the Season 1 producers of What’s the Tsismis connect to look back on the first season.

Did You Hear They Kept Their Passports?

Psst! Have you heard about Canada’s Caregiver Program? In this episode, Jenna Propp chats with her mom, Tess Propp; Cynthia Palmaria from Migrante Alberta; and Maria Monana, a current live-in caregiver under Canada’s Caregiver Program. Their stories take us on a journey as we get to hear the tsismis on what it’s like to come to Canada as a caregiver from the late 80’s until now and how the process and program have changed.

Did You Hear the Island Sisters are Filipina and Cree?

Pssst! Did you hear the Island sisters are Filipina and Cree? Have they figured out how to be both? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Did You Hear Alberta Almost Had A K-12 Tagalog Curriculum?

In this episode, What's the Tsismis producer Sophia Yang interviews Grace Alarcon-Isla, the program manager of Filipino Language and Culture School. When she learned that the province "was going to develop a K-12 Tagalog curriculum", Sophia wonders what is the Tagalog learning experience like now.

Did You Hear Gina’s Not Really a Teacher?

Pssst! Did you hear Gina’s not really a teacher? She actually went into theatre, and now she’s killing it as an artistic director! Listen to find out how it all started!

Did You Hear Jenna's NOT Italian?

“I don’t look Filipino, I don’t speak Filipino… and I’m made to feel like I’m not Filipino.” In this episode, Mishma Mukith sits down with fellow production teammate, Jenna Propp, to unpack the big “I” word: identity.

Did You Hear Michelle Punched a Car?

Pssst! Did you hear Michelle punched a car? Whose car did she punch and why? Listen to find out!

Did You Hear... What's the Tsismis Launches May 25?

Launching May 25, a brand new podcast about Pilipinx identity in Edmonton.