Did You Hear Season 3 Launches August 9?

Launching August 9, a new season of What's the Tsismis, a podcast about Pilipinx identity in Edmonton—this season's theme: resilience.
Season 3 and we’re shaking things up. This season our episodes will explore the theme of resilience.

We’ve defined resilience as a characteristic that is tied to strength, the ability to adapt, survival but also hospitality, kindness and care. The team at What’s The Tsismis also understands that resilience can be a double-edged sword. Resilience can be used to minimize or reduce people’s struggles. We see this in our community. Filipinos are often considered hard-working people. We take pride in our work, and are usually prepared to go above and beyond what is asked of us. It is important to note that sometimes resilience can be used to brush off the struggles Filipinos experience. Yes, we’re hardworking, strong, and able to surmount challenges. However, we are also people who need rest, care, patience and understanding.

We hope to explore resilience in our episodes this season. We’ll be covering topics like femininity in the Filipino community, migration and the impacts of one-parent households, inter-racial relationships, and Asian representation along with so many more stories from the community.

We hope that you continue to listen in and share your experiences with us. Thank you, Maraming Salamat!